Hospital Program

patient schedule; It allows the patient to easily establish a connection with the appointment system in the healthcare sector. Online Hippocrates allows you to easily transfer information to the e-Nabız system. At the same time, Online Hippocrates approved by the Ministry of Health patient schedule It offers a demo version for free.

Why Should I Use a Patient Program?

patient schedule; It allows you to examine the medical follow-up periods of patients and collect the information in a single list thanks to the reporting system. In this way, you can easily access medical CV and examination contents.

We record patients' medical information with the advanced security infrastructure on the panel. You can easily track the health status and appointments of patients in hospitals and clinics. By creating different users on the same panel, you can access it whenever you want, both on desktop and mobile.

Online Hippocrates patient schedule You can contact us to try it for free and get detailed information.

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