It is defined as the destruction of bone tissues in patients over a certain age. In this process, minerals in bone tissues dissolve and bones become weak. Osteoclasis, It is a condition that is more common especially in old age, but in some cases it can also be seen at younger ages. Causes of osteoporosis include osteoporosis, bone cancer, parathyroid gland problems, vitamin D deficiency and insufficient natural repair time in bones. Additionally, some medications can have negative effects on bones.

Osteoporosis Symptoms

It may often become more evident in later periods. However, in some cases, symptoms of osteoporosis may appear earlier.

Pain and fractures in bones: As bones weaken, they become more likely to break during falls or even ordinary movements. In this case, pain may be felt in the bones and fractures may occur. Symptoms include:

Shortening of bones in the neck and waist area: Due to the weakening of the bones, shortening of the bones in the neck and waist area may occur. This may be an uncomfortable symptom when changing body position.

Muscle weakness: As bones weaken, the muscles that support the bones may also weaken. Therefore, muscle weakness may occur.

Deformations in the skeletal system: As a result of the weakening of the bones, deformations may occur in the skeletal system. For example, symptoms such as slumping shoulders and curvature in the waist area are observed. advanced osteoclasis In these cases, the risk of fracture increases due to weakening of the bones. In this case, the bones may also be slow to heal.

Osteoporosis Treatments

The treatment process varies depending on the patient's health condition. However, in general, one or more of the following methods can be used to prevent and treat osteoporosis.
Diet and exercise are critical in the treatment of orthopedic conditions. By following a healthy diet, the minerals necessary for bones can be obtained. Additionally, bones can be strengthened by regular exercise.

Osteoporosis Recovery Time

It is defined as the decrease and weakening of bone tissue over time. This condition causes bone weakness and, in some cases, can cause bones to break. Osteoclasis, may occur for various reasons and therefore the healing process may also vary.