Meniscus Surgery

meniscus surgery

It is the process of repairing or removing the meniscus tissue in an individual's knee. Menisci are two soft tissues located in the knee joint and regulate the movements of the joint and protect the knee joint during movements. meniscus surgery relief of symptoms often caused by knee pain, such as pain, swelling, and limited movement

Meniscus Surgery Symptoms

It is a surgical procedure performed due to tearing or rupture of the cartilage tissue called meniscus.
Pain: Pain caused by rupture or damage to the joint cushion is usually concentrated in the joint and increases during movements.

Types of Meniscus Surgery

It is a surgical procedure performed to repair or remove the menisci, which are soft tissue parts in the knee joint. It is usually performed on people with symptoms such as knee pain, tightness, or blockage.
meniscus surgery It can be done by several different methods, and which one is applied may vary depending on the patient's condition.

The operation process attempts to repair the meniscus damage and return the knee joint to normal movement. The meniscus is removed and completely removed, leaving no structure that limits the movement of the knee joint.

Meniscus Surgery Recovery Time

It is the process of removing or removing the soft tissues (menisci) on both sides of the knee joints. This procedure aims to eliminate burdens such as knee pain and reduced mobility. However meniscus surgery It is a surgical procedure and therefore the recovery process takes several weeks or months.