Knee arthroplasty

knee arthroplasty

It is a surgical procedure in which damaged or diseased parts of the knee joint are removed and replaced with artificial parts.. Knee arthroplasty The goal of surgery is to relieve pain and improve the function of the knee.

Knee Prosthesis Treatment

The knee joint consists of the lower end of the thigh bone (femur) and the upper end of the shin bone (tibia), separated by a small pad of cartilage called the meniscus. During the operation, damaged or diseased parts of the femur and tibia are removed and replaced with artificial parts made of metal, plastic or ceramics.

Artificial parts are designed to replicate the movement and function of a healthy knee joint. After surgery, you will probably stay in the hospital for a few days to recover and receive pain medication. You will also begin physical therapy to help you regain strength and mobility in your knee.

Physical therapy may include exercises to improve your range of motion, strength, and balance. Probably knee arthroplasty You will need to continue physical therapy on an outpatient basis for several weeks or months after surgery.

In Which Situations Is Knee Prosthesis Applied?

Prosthesis surgery is used in patients with severe knee pain and deformity. If you have chronic knee pain that limits your daily activities and does not respond to other treatments, such as medications, physical therapy, or knee injections. knee arthroplasty You can be a candidate for
If you have difficulty walking, standing, or climbing stairs due to knee pain, you may be a candidate for knee replacement. If your knee is visibly deformed or misshapen due to arthritis or other conditions, you may be a candidate for prosthetic surgery.

Recovery Process After Knee Replacement Surgery

As with all surgical interventions, there is a risk of infection after surgery. This condition can be treated with antibiotics but may require additional surgery to remove the infected prosthesis. It is also very important for the integration of the prosthesis with the joint. Before the operation, the person's health condition is analyzed by physicians who are experts in their field.

Surgical intervention techniques should be applied to people who cannot get effective results from medical treatment methods. you too knee arthroplasty You can contact us to get detailed information about the surgery.