Robotic Hip Prosthesis

robotic hip prosthesis,

In recent years, traditional surgical methods have been replaced by advanced systems. It reduces the risk of bleeding and infection and provides effective healing. Robotic hip replacement  It is a prosthesis operated by a robot. This prosthesis is used to mimic a person's walking movements and replaces the hip joint.

What is Robotic Prosthesis Surgery?

These types of prostheses are placed in place of the hip joint, imitating a person's walking movements and thus allowing the person to walk more comfortably. Since they are specially designed, they provide a more natural walk. Thus, it helps the person feel less fatigue and pain. It is a surgery performed using a special robotic system and under the control of a specialist physician.

Since the robotic system is specially designed for you during surgery, the prosthesis placement surgery is performed more accurately and precisely. The tasks of surgery include more accurate and precise prosthesis placement, less pain and recovery time, less blood loss and less robotic hip replacement There will be a placement period. However, this treatment may be more expensive than standard hip replacement surgery and some structures may not be able to use the robotic system.

Robotic Hip Prosthesis Side Effects

Whether the surgery will be performed or not and the suitability of the patient is decided as a result of the examination by the specialist doctor. Before treatment, your health condition is evaluated. He will recommend you the most suitable treatment possibility. It is a surgical procedure and may have some side effects. These side effects are usually temporary and consist of pain. Some potential side effects may be effective. For this reason, the treatment process should proceed under the control of a specialist physician who is competent in the field of robotic prosthesis surgery.

Robotic Hip Prosthesis Recovery Time

Robotic hip replacementis a device that mimics natural hip movements. This device replaces worn or damaged tissue in a person's hip appendages and aims to reduce pain and increase mobility. However, it is a surgical procedure required to operate this device and hence the recovery process takes several weeks or months.