Knee Calcification

knee arthritis

Knee Calcification

It means calcification in the knee joints. Calcification causes stiffness and limitation of movement in the joints between bones. Knee arthritisIt is a condition that usually occurs with old age. However, it can be seen at any age. Factors that cause knee arthritis include genetic predisposition, inactivity, excess weight, gender and some medications. 

Knee Calcification Treatment

It is usually done with movement therapy, pain medications, and devices used to move joints. Movement therapy includes specific exercises to keep the knee joint flexible and strong. Pain medications can be used to reduce pain. These medications may be anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers such as opioids. Your doctor carefully examines you for the most suitable treatment method. 

What are the symptoms of knee arthritis? 

Some negative findings are observed within the scope of the disease. The severity and extent of side effects experienced in the joints vary from person to person. Some of the symptoms associated with arthritis can be listed as follows;

Pain: Arthritis in the knee can cause pain when moving the knee joint. This pain usually becomes more pronounced when inactive. A decrease is seen when moving due to activities during the day. 

Movement limitation: Knee arthritis, It may cause limitation of movement when moving the knee joint.

Fatigue: It may cause a feeling of fatigue due to limitation of movement.

Stiffness: You may feel stiffness in your knees. Especially in the morning, your knees may become stiffer when you stay still and may decrease when you move them.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Knee Calcification?

Joint disorders can be seen after a certain age. Expert opinion should be obtained as soon as possible to prevent it from reaching serious levels. The treatment process should proceed under the supervision of a physician specialized in orthopedics and traumatology. 

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise strengthens your knees and increases mobility. Strengthen your knees by doing aerobic exercises such as regular walking and running.

Pay attention to your weight: Excess weight puts extra stress on your knees, which can cause knee arthritis.
Try to lose weight with a healthy diet and regular exercises, and move regularly. Constantly sitting or staying motionless for long periods of time can reduce the mobility of your knees. Move yourself regularly and reduce sedentary behavior.

Taking into account the instructions and precautions given by your doctor can shorten the recovery time. Dscar calcification You can contact us to take precautions against diseases such as or visit our website to get more information.