What is Shoulder Arthrosis?

What is Shoulder Arthrosis?

It is a condition characterized by the wear of the shoulder joint cartilage over time and degenerative changes. shoulder arthrosis It usually occurs with age. It can restrict shoulder joint movements, causing pain and stiffness. It can affect daily living activities and progress over time. Treatment options may include physical therapy, pain management, medications, and surgery when necessary.

What are the Symptoms of Shoulder Arthrosis?

What is Shoulder Arthrosis?Pain in the shoulder joint may increase with moving the shoulder or carrying weight. It may decrease with rest. There may be limited movement or a feeling of stiffness in the shoulder. It may be especially noticeable in the morning or after long periods of inactivity. There may be slight swelling or tenderness around the joint. During shoulder movements, sounds caused by friction in the cartilage may be heard.

A decrease in shoulder strength may be felt. In particular, it may become difficult to lift arms up or carry weights. Pain may be felt, especially when lying on the shoulder or sleeping. shoulder arthrosis symptoms may vary from person to person. In some cases, symptoms may be mild, while in others they may be more pronounced. It is important to consult an orthopedic specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

What Causes Shoulder Arthrosis?

As we age, the cartilage on the shoulder joint naturally wears out and becomes thinner. This condition can lead to arthrosis over time. Overload or repetitive injuries to the shoulder joint can cause damage to the shoulder cartilage. shoulder arthrosis can contribute to its development. In some people, genetic factors may cause faster wear of the shoulder joint cartilage and predisposition to arthrosis.

Some rheumatic diseases can damage the shoulder joint and increase the risk. Conditions such as obesity or metabolic syndrome increase the loads on the joint. It can put pressure on the cartilage on the shoulder joint and accelerate its development. It is generally a progressive condition and symptoms worsen over time. Treatment aims to relieve symptoms and preserve joint mobility. shoulder arthrosis Treatment options include medication, physical therapy and surgery.

What are the Treatment Methods for Shoulder Arthrosis?

What is Shoulder Arthrosis?Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used to relieve pain and keep inflammation under control. Additionally, doctors sometimes recommend steroid injections to reduce pain and increase mobility. Physical therapy is important to strengthen shoulder muscles, increase range of motion and ensure stability. Physiotherapists provide support with special exercise programs and manual therapy techniques.

It is important to regulate the activity level and movements to reduce the load on the shoulder joint. Avoiding heavy loads can help the shoulder joint rest and heal. In some cases, doctors use methods such as viscosupplementation. They may give injections to support joint fluid. This treatment aims to provide ease of movement by increasing the amount of fluid that lubricates the joint. Advanced shoulder arthrosis In this case, surgery is considered. Surgery may also be considered when other treatment options are inadequate.

Shoulder joint replacement surgery involves replacing damaged parts of the shoulder joint with a new one. Some patients prefer acupuncture, massage therapy and alternative treatment methods. The effectiveness of these methods may vary from individual to individual, so they should be used with a doctor's recommendation. The treatment plan should be personalized based on the patient's specific condition and symptoms. Early diagnosis and use of appropriate treatment methods help manage symptoms.