What is Shoulder Calcification?

What is Shoulder Calcification?

It is a condition that occurs as a result of the bones and cartilages in the shoulder joint wearing away over time. Shoulder arthritisIt can cause pain, stiffness and limitation of movement in the shoulder. It is associated with the aging process and is characterized by the irregularity of the cartilage surface in the joint. It can negatively affect daily activities and quality of life. Treatment options include medication, physical therapy, injections and surgery.

What are the symptoms of Shoulder Calcification?

What is Shoulder Calcification?The most common symptom is constant or intermittent pain in the shoulder. This pain can often worsen over time. It may increase especially when moving the shoulder or putting weight on it. Shoulder arthritis People with this condition experience limitation of movement and a feeling of stiffness in the shoulder joint. It may also occur that the shoulder feels fixed. This may cause difficulty in performing daily activities.

The wear and tear on the cartilage in the shoulder joint is felt as a cracking sound when the shoulder moves. Night pains may often be more noticeable in people experiencing this condition. The pain may increase, especially when lying on the shoulder or sleeping. In advanced stages, there may be slight swelling or sensitivity to touch in the shoulder joint. As it progresses, there may be loss of strength or a feeling of weakness in shoulder movements. Shoulder arthritis symptoms may vary from person to person. It may differ depending on the severity.

What Causes Shoulder Calcification?

With advancing age, natural wear and thinning of the cartilage and tissues in the shoulder joint may occur. This situation over time shoulder arthritis may cause it to occur. Repetitive injuries and trauma to the shoulder (such as shoulder dislocation) increase the risk. Injuries can damage the cartilage structure in the shoulder joint, which can lead to arthritis. Excessive use of the shoulder joint and long-term physical activities cause damage to the shoulder cartilage. It may contribute to the problem.

Some genetic factors cause individuals' cartilage structures to naturally deteriorate more quickly or increase the risk. Metabolic diseases or conditions (such as diabetes) may increase the risk in some people. Shoulder arthritis Symptoms include pain, limitation of movement, swelling in the shoulder, and loss of function in the shoulder joint over time. Treatment is determined based on the patient's symptoms and the overall health of the shoulder.

Shoulder Calcification Treatment Methods

What is Shoulder Calcification?Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication is prescribed to reduce pain and inflammation. Additionally, painkillers and corticosteroid injections may be used if necessary. Shoulder arthritis Physical therapy is very important for The physiotherapist applies a special exercise program to increase the mobility and strength of the shoulder. Supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin are recommended to support joint health. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids are also known for their anti-inflammatory effects.

Shoulder supports or braces support the shoulder and provide comfort during movement. It contributes to the treatment process. Additionally, special devices that facilitate daily living activities may also be recommended. In severe cases, surgical intervention is required. In addition, surgical intervention is required when other treatment methods do not work. Shoulder arthroplasty surgery is an operation performed to regenerate the shoulder joint. Some patients may prefer acupuncture and massage therapy methods to relieve symptoms. However, more research is needed on the effectiveness of these treatment methods. The treatment plan may differ for each patient. Shoulder arthritis It is important to determine the most appropriate methods for treatment. For this, it is important to consult a specialist orthopedic doctor.